An Rpg game based on the Kingdom Hearts series. Set years after the fall of Organization XIII
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PostSubject: Zudo   Zudo Icon_minitimeThu Jun 12, 2008 9:42 pm

Name: Zudo Mouse

Age: 14

Background: Zudo was born as the son of Queen Minnie and King Mickey. Though they never knew. He was stolen at birth by an opperative of Organazaton XII. Here he was taken in and he never figured out his real heritage. Zudo was raised with them and has become more of squire than a knight so to speak. Not being an official member, most of there causes are cloudy to Zudo. Though Zudo knew that he was "adopted" he was never told of his royal heritage, just that he was found on the cross roads. cold and alone. Though deep down he knows this is a lye. He often spends his nights wondering who his real parents are.

Alignment: Works for the Dark but is secretly Light

Preferred Weapon: Swords
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My Keyblades:
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